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Blue Lasers and laser pointers

Blue Laser Hand Portable and Laser pointer pens 445nm , 405nm and 473nm

Laser designers researched for many years for ways to create solid state blue laser designs and make them sufficiently stable for manufacture. Blue laser pointers figure among the more advanced laser technology that can be used for personal or commercial purposes. However, before it enjoyed its widespread popularity today, it was nothing more than a dream a few decades ago.

In 1993, Shuji Nakamura was the first to release the blue LED to the market, which was completely devoid of this kind of laser technology then. Shortly afterwards, he was also able to release his blue lasers creations at 473nm. Nowadays we have an increasing variety of 473nm , 445nm and Blue Purple 405nm hand portable lasers and blue laser pointers that have been used commercially or for personal enjoyment.

The reason behind the steeper price of the blue laser is because it is more difficult to create than green or red beams present in standard laser pens. But with high-quality production and adequate brilliance of the blue beam, anyone who has witnessed this would be genuinely impressed ,and recent high volume manufacturing of 445nm diodes has reduced prices significantly

If you need a blue laser pointer but you are overwhelmed by its steep price, take comfort in the fact that the principles of competition in the market is at work. As opposed to the virtually empty market that the first blue lasers saw, the market today is bent on improving their own products, therefore producing higher-quality blue lasers at lower prices. Many manufacturers have seen the potential sales of blue laser products , and they are willing to spend for research and improvements to achieve market superiority. The evolution of the blue lasers has been proof this. In a span of a few years, blue laser diodes evolved from large, bulky lasers encased in ugly packaging to sleek designs in a cases sometimes the size of pen.


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Laser hobbyists are anxious to get their hands on their very own 473nm blue laser pointer. The diodes in these lasers are rarer than the average laser pointers. They also carry an air of exclusivity because of the complicated structure of the creation of the blue laser light. However, as with all other lasers, caution must be exercised in using these blue lasers. Especially ith the proliferation of the new 445nm Blue laser technology hitting the market in 2010.