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Red Laser Pointers

Laser pointers and pens originally had diodes that projected red laser beams at 650nm. Many laser pointers and pens with red beams were designed and manufactured, especially once it was recognized by the scientific community. It created waves in the community because at that time, harnessing dense light radiation to make it visible and portable has been a distant dream. Upon research and constant innovation, the red laser diode was made stable enough to be portable and many laser manufacturers began their own line of laser products.

A vast array of red lasers soon came out into the market and more and more scientists and companies invested in researching methods to produce more powerful and higher-quality red laser diodes. Red lasers were soon incorporated in pens, pointers, and key chains, and are sold in many retail stores, gadget magazines, and on the internet. Red laser pointers have existed quite a while before the internet, and it has literally been sold on the streets for all age groups around the world. Ask someone who grew up during the laser revolution, and he will probably tell you that it has been his dream to purchase his own red laser. Children often pretend that these cheap lasers were alien light beams or lasers from military guns. Many a boy's dream have been fulfilled by just purchasing their own cheap red laser, whether it was a pointer, a pen, or a key chain. However, wary parents usually confiscate these lasers for fear of damage to their children's eyes ! LOL

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650nm red laser pointers are seen almost anywhere and everywhere, in almost any form, from retail shops who still sell them to a market's or on the internet. Lasers became one of the most popular gadgets that can easily be purchased. A quick visit to a laser pointer forum will give you information about how gadget-lovers have used their red lasers for different purposes. Even YouTube carries videos about people documenting themselves using or showing off their laser pointers in any shape, form, or colour. However as they have became more available also the POWER levels have increased making these units a danger to eyes and restrictions are being placed on laser pointer ownership around the world.

The 650nm red laser pointer appeals to gadget-lovers and casual observers alike. However, before deciding to buy any type of laser, do some research about the company that produced the item that you will be buying. There are some products that are of very poor quality that they will die on you after a few weeks or even days. A high-quality laser has an expected lifetime of 3000-5000 hours at the minimum. Also, don't be carried away by the allure of the red light; while red lasers are less bright than green lasers, they can still easily cause damage when it is trained directly into a person's eyes. Handle your laser responsible, and shine away.