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Non branded Multifunction Pen. Functions Include Writing PEN, laser pointer and PDA function

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Special Value TRIPLE Quality Infiniter Laser pointer and PDA STICK AND ALSO WRITING PEN, outstanding value

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Ideal office laser - red laser , great new model ideal for company logos etc

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 NEW model , QUADRUPLE  Infiniter Laser pointer and PDA STICK AND ALSO WRITING PEN and LED Torch, outstanding value for money , in slim pen style casing !

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Quality nobo red laser pointer

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The most affordable and popular pen-style laser pointer ever made. Build in 650 nm laser for 500 yards emission range. It is perfect not only for business presentation, also for classroom use. The INFINITER 100 is made of aluminum, lightweight and durable. Its laser beam is designed 5 times brighter than most comparable ones on the market.

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Ultra thin, light, ultra bright!! 9.5 mm diameter and just 1.4 oz.