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Super value laser , 5mW , with black velvet bag for storage and batteries supplied


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This item comes with a power output report certificate  . Superb quality product , well made with guaranteed output , ideal for university , research institutions , industrial centers etc  etc who require their laser pointers to be verified before being allowed in use. Also includes safety key , required for laser activation , preventing unauthorised use.


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STEALTH model hand portable laser ,with all black barrel and all black clip. Europes Coolest Sleekest Green Laser pointer .The Futures bright , the futures Black


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Superb quality PUSH BUTTON laser



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Cutting Edge New Laser Style , Green ( 532 nm ) and Red laser ( 635nm ) pointer in Same Barrell


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 Special RF WIRELESS presenter  with 5mW GREEN LASER POINTER  , operates using Radio transmission rather than line of sight IR.

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Yellow laser pointer which emits a YELLOW light rather than Green Or Red.Compliance with Keyswitch to prevent accidental usage and LED indicator as an Extra Indication that the laser is in USE .