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Secret Agent COPYCODER

TO CLEAR ?3.The Copycoder is a completely new way to get a special message across, whatever the occasion. People everywhere are discovering that 'copycoding' someone is much more fun than texting.

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PRICE : 3.00 : Was 6.99 : Saving:3.99

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For ?3.99 you get TWO Copycoders and 12 pre-coded self-adhesive stickers with an instructions leaflet - all in the pack.

The Copycoder changes ANY text it's placed on top of into a mysterious code, making it totally unreadable - and it also works in reverse. For the first time, people can instantly swop secret messages on bits of paper and greetings cards.

Unlike with texting, there is an added thrill because your recipients can't read your messages until they get their hands on a Copycoder. ( which you can send or HIDE  to keep em waiting !! )

  • Kids Love these SECRET message kits
  • exchanging private messages - strictly between yourselves
  • ensuring your message will always be remembered
  • greetings cards celebrating special events
  • getting any very special message across
  • an elegant way to ask for a date
  • secret message clubs at college
  • giving someone a nice surprise
  • getting someone to notice you
  • a small gift for someone
  • making 'em laugh!
  • breaking the ice
  • puzzles for kids
  • Spy kits help Kids Imagination

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